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Organ Pulsate

In the hindu omen scriptures, pulsate of the body's part(organ) has been given very importance and they are considered as a foreboding of good or evil of events. It is believed that pulsate of right part of the man's body and the left part of the woman's body is good.

Example : If it is said that which result do you get from pulsate of the right eye of the men, then same kind result you will get from pulsate of the left eye of the woman.




Good luck

On either side of the head

Money Receipt

Right side of the head

Foreign passage

Left side of the head

Will get out of the city and earn money


To go abroad and labor

Right temple

Objective (goal) attainment

Left temple

Wish to be complete


Go abroad, objective (target) to receive and
to earn money

Right ear

Good news attainment, wish to be complete, to earn
money and be happy

Left ear

Will meet with well-wishers and learned people

The back of the ears

His friends will abuse and inslut him

Right eyebrow

Fortune and fame receipts

Left eyebrow

He will meet with his friends and entertainment

Left eyebrow and left eye

Good news will be receive

Right eye

He will meet with his beloved, friends and relatives
as well as his wish to be complete

Middle in right eye

He will obtain his goal (target) and earn money

The back part of the eye

Will be popular

Upper part of the right eye

He will meet with his friends

Bottom part of right eye

Fight will be happen with someone

Right eye ball

He will be happy due to his children

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