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Sun is the king of all the planets in astrology. He is the factor of force and power. From this all variable-constant beings have life. There can be no creation without Sun. He is the soul of all beings. All creatures get consciousness and reputation from him. He is the form of God Vishnu. Lord Vishnu itself is keeping an eye on everything and everyone work in the form of Sun.

Sun represents Leo in nine planets. This Rashi people are self-respectful and have own effect over others. This Rashi people soon get angry and they like flattering.

God of the Sun: Shree Ram ji and Shree Lord Vishnu.
Sun is considered a sinful planet.
Sun remains one month on one Rashi.
Moon, Mars and Jupiter are friends of Sun.
Venus & Saturn are enemy of Sun and Mercury is even.
Sun is Satguni and his caste is Kshatriya.

Sun's element is fire and he is factor of soul.
Sun is brutal by nature and related with father in horoscope.
Sun is owner of Leo and Aries is the best Rashi while Libra is the weakest Rashi of his.
Sun effect is in the head and eye in the body. He is the owner of East.
Ratan of Sun: You should wear ruby in gold in your index finger.

Sun Mantra: Om Hraam Hreem Hraum Sah Suryaay Namah ||
Number of chanting: 7000 spells
Chanting time: Sunrise
Donation of Sun: Ruby, copper, red sandalwood, ghee, good, sweet, gold, red clothing and fruits, saffron, etc.


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