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Astrology is mathematics through which Jataka and Jatika known about. Here, we are telling you about important points of astrology like nine planets and their good and bad results, twelve Rashi and their results, main Yogo and Defect/Dosh etc. In this website, we are conveyed you about main reasons of manglik and kaalsarp yogos with their good and bad effects, through which you can understand more about them and their measures, so that you can easily do the mentioned measures by your own and make your life happy.


In this website we are giving full details of Shriji temple like who founded the temple and when and who made it. Organ Pulsate, Dream results, Shani graha and its effects like saadhe-saati, paayaa vichaar, raahu kaal, Predictions, various Raajayogaadhi, Shastra word, mantra and large number of names of boys and girls and much more information we are providing you in this website.

Shrijijyotish website has been made by Pandit Shri JaiDev Goswami, who has 30 years experience in the field of astrology. He is the priest of Shriji Temple situated in village Barsana(Mathura).

Rahu kaal

The idea of Rahu Kaal is in Shastra. Every day one and half hour time is ominous which should be avoided as much as possible before starting any good work. Rahu period has a Special consideration in southern India. Which are as follows:

Day Time
Monday Morning from 7-30 am to 9-00 pm
Tuesday From 3-00 pm to 4-30 pm noon
Wednesday From 12-00 noon to till 1-30 pm
Thursday From 1-30 pm to 3-00 pm noon
Friday From 10-30 am to 12-00 noon
Saturday Morning from 9-00 am to 10-30 am
Sunday From 4-30 pm to 6-00 pm


Note: Similarly, the idea of Abhijit Mahurat is also in Shastra and the owner of this time is Lord Vishnu. Sudarshan Chakra protects this time. This is belongs to 24 minutes before and after the middle of the day.If there is no good Mahurt(time) then you can do your work after taking God's name. All actions have been successful in this time.

Navratra starts from 06 to 14 April 2019, Vikram Samvat 2076

Navratra is the first festival of new Vikram Samvat.During Navratra of nine nights and ten days, Shakti / Devi are worshiped nine forms.So that, we can get power and we go on the way of dharm and truth. This festival comes four times in a year- Chaitra, Ashad, Ashwin, Posh. It is celebrated from Pratipada to Navami. From these four Navratra, Chaitra & Ashwin Navratra are celebrated and Aashaadh & Poush Navratra are secret. Nine forms of Durga are worshiped, whom we called Navadurga.

Nine Devi are:

6 April 2019 : Shree Shailaputree - Parvati Devi daughter of Giriraj Himalaya
7 April 2019 :Shree Brahmachaarinee - For realization of the divine nature
8 April 2019 : Shree Chandraghanta - in which Moon is located.
9 April 2019 : Shree Kushmanda - whole world is located in whose abdomen.
10 April 2019 : Shree Skandmaata - Mother of skand(Sanat Kumar)
11 April 2019 : Shree Kaatyaayani - Appeared in the ashram of Maharishi Kaatyaayan
12 April 2019 : Shree Kaalraatri - Who can destroy Kaal.
13 April 2019 : Shree Mahagauri - Bhagwati parvati got white color through meditation
14 April 2019 : Shree Siddhidatri - who give Salvation.

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