Shastra Words

1 : We should always follow the religion. Ten signs of religion are truth, control, mind, knowledge, patience, forgiveness, charity, do not steal, do not anger and purity.

2 : Rude person cannot do charity or help anybody.

3 : Person should not go empty handed in Havan, sister/daughter/father's sister house, own house, friend's house, any temple, Guru and Brahmin house.

4 : Chanting, meditation, bhajan and worship are failed without posture. Posture of splint, blankets and silk is good.

5 : We should rotate Aarti of God Vishnu 14 times, 4 times on foot, 2 times on thigh, once on face and 7 times on overall body. By doing this will destroy all your worries.

6 : We should rotate Aarti of Surya Narayana 7 times, Devi Maa 9 times, Shiv shankar 11 times and Ganesh 4 times.

7 : We should do Parikrama of Devi once, Ganesh ji 3 times, Surya 7 times, Vishnu bhagwan or Shri Ram or Shri Krishna 4 times and Shiv ji half. By doing this we get Dharma, artha, kama and salvation.

8 : Please do not do worship behind temple or God. Because God has created iniquity from his back and religion from front. We should do all our good work in front of God.

9 : We should not go to temple in Sutak(in birth) and Patak(in death). Do not do worship of God in your home at that time. When Purification is done only then you should do God worship etc.

10 : Those who do worship of God should not take food from others because mind is made from food.

11 : Do not sit in front of God by foot and do not eat food in front of God. These are thirty two sins and these all are written in Varah Puran.

12 : We should get up early in the morning before sunrise. After that do chanting of Gayatri Mantra, Guru Mantra and God worship.

13 : After doing Aarti of God, please wash your hand by water before offering sweets to God. If we do not wash our hands then this will be a mistake.

14 : We should not change repeatedly our posture, Garland, Mantra, master and Brahmin. Do not change your house frequently.

15 : We should give thanks to God, Rishi Muni and our pitra daily. Because God has given amenities to us, sages have given shastra and Pitra has given body.

16 : We should not play Bell or conch every time and it is good in Aarti time only.

17 : We should do worship after putting Tilak on forehead. We must put tilak, roli, sandal or ash on your forehead because by this our sixth sense get awakened.

18 : We should not talk while eating and God worship.

19 : We should not stand up while eating because if we again sit for eating then itís like eating meat.

20 : 12 hours before sun eclipse and 9 hours before lunar eclipse time is called Sutak. Charity at the time of eclipse is equal to land donation.

21 : We should not take debt on Tuesday and not give debt on Wednesday.

22 : We should not keep worn pots and broken bed in our home because residence of Kalyug is in worn pots.

23 : Charity should be given by our own hands. We should serve other by own.

24 : We should get up in Brahma Muhurta. The time from 4:00 am to 5:30 am in morning is called Brahma Muhurta.

25 : We should give invitation to Brahmin for food before memorial date.

26 : Generally: navratri are four.(1) From Chaitra shukla pratipada till dashami (2) From Aashaadh shukla pratipada till dashami (3) From Ashwin shukla pratipada till Vijaya dashami (4) From Magh shukla pratipada till dashami. Out of four 2 navratri are famous- Chaitra and Ashwin. Rest two navratri are secret and they are in Shakti Peethas.

27 : Three things are holy in memorial days- son of daughter, afternoon time and gingelly. And three are prohibited - anger, going from one place to another place after doing memorial service and quickness. If you do not get any Brahmin for your memorial date then takeout food for five place.1. Cow 2. Dog 3. Crow 4.God 5.Ant after that you can take food.

28 : Vedha: if there is some touch of Ekadashi on Dashami in your Ekadashi Vrat then that is called Vedha. So, Dashami with Ekadasi fasting should not be done.

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