Saturn's Dhaiyya or Sadhesati

Saturn(Shani Dev) is the son of God Suryanarayana. His mother's name is Chhaya(Shadow) devi. The Saturn is the Dev of mayawad(material things). If Saturn is not here then materiality of the earth will be destroyed. In terms of astrology Saturn is revolutionary, powerful and considered as a terrible dev of several powers. People fear from his name itself. Saturn is the dev of justice. He has the title of judge in all planets. He gives justice according to the task a person did.

Saturn gives prosperity, kind to poor miserable people and save us from our enemies. He is the dev of Karma or business and is a source of life. He helps us in difficult situations and objections. That's why Saturn is remembered to get rid of problems and have money. In astrology, priest takes decision on joint and nerves as per the Saturn. There is no such place where effect of Saturn does not exist. We have to believe on Saturn(Shani Dev) only then we will have peace and wealth.

Although Saturn is the son of Suryanarayana; however he has enmity with his father. When father(Surya) and son(Saturn) sit together or in front of each other then power of Saturn increases. Surya Narayan is not good in Libra and Saturn is best in Libra. When the Surya is best in Aries then Saturn becomes weak in Aries. In such situation, the effect of Surya becomes opposite. Because we receive good or bad results due to increase power of Saturn, so we should do worship of Saturn and do charity.

Whenever Saturn comes as Dhaiyya or Sadhesati on any Rashi then we get bad effect. Due to this, cash-strapped in life, difficulties, body pain, problems come in income & all our work, expenditure will be high and Life becomes miserable. We have experienced this in our life. If Saturn moves in reverse order then its effect becomes much worse. At that time we lose our decision power, so we should keep patience.

What is Saturn Sadhesati. Saturn remains Two and a half years on a Rashi. Saturn effect is on next Rashi and on previous Rashi from the current Rashi on which he remains. Like, at this time Saturn(Shani Dev) is running on Capricorn then his effect will be on next Rashi i.e. Aquarius and on previous Rashi i.e. Sagittarius. His effect on Capricorn is initial and on Scorpio is descending. Thus the seven-year tour of Saturn is called the Sadhesati. In the same way, Saturn's Dhaiyya is on the sixth and tenth Rashi from the current Rashi. This time Saturn's Dhaiyya is running on Gemini and Libra since January 25, 2020. Saturn's Sadhesati influence will be on Sagittarius, Capricorn & Aquarius.

Many times it is seen that Saturn's Sadhesati comes on every Rashi but his effect varies. The reason of this is that if Saturn is in good position in person horoscope then his bad effect is lesser. On the other side, if Saturn is weak in the horoscope then person get more bad results.

Saturn (Shani Dev) will come in Capricorn rashi on 25 January, 2020. :

Saturn's saadhesati this will be on Sagittarius - Capricorn - Aquarius rashi people. This will be going down on the feet of Sagittarius rashi people, will be on the heart (ie in the middle) of Capricorn rashi people and will be climbing on the head of Aquarius rashi people.

Saturn's dhaaya this will be on Gemini and Libra rashi people.

Aries : Saturn's influence on the tenth house is considered to be auspicious, it will be a source of income. If you have copper paaya, you can get benefit and any good news. Do not be hasty and work with thought, donation for Saturn and Mars will benefit you.

Taurus : Saturn will give trouble for Taurus rashi people due to in the ninth house, while Taurus is the auspicious sign of Saturn, there will be a means of profit and income after obstacles. Saturn's dhaaya has gone from Taurus rashi people, so life will also change and there will be some peace. Auspicious results will come due to the silver paaya. You should worship and donate for Venus & Saturn and feed bread to the cow.

Gemini : Now Saturn will be in the eighth house from Gemini sign, so Saturn's dhaaya has started, which gives obstacles and problems in life. You can do Durga chalisa and donate for peace. In this, you should Burn mustard oil deepak on the Peepal tree on every Saturday night. By the way, Rahu is also running on Gemini rashi, so do not debate, reduce your expenses and feed flour to fish. Here the sight of Sagittarius planet on Gemini sign also does auspicious work, do worship on Thursday and pay respect to Brahmins.

Cancer : Now Saturn is in the 7th house from Cancer, so copper paaya is formed. Which paves the way of profit and happiness. There will be progress. There will be progress or great profit if guru is in Capricorn rashi. There will be marriages, things will improve and mind will get into God worship.

Leo : Gold paaya is formed as Saturn is in the 6th house from Leo rashi. This time will be difficult, and there will be some benefit of subsistence money. There will be sudden expense also. Some concerns will be created in family. There will be some improvement when there is auspicious sight of the Guru after 30th June. There will be some work completed in family. Bad things will be gone. Business will increase. You should do worship of sun, give water and donate wheat.

Virgo : Saturn is worshiped on the fifth place by Virgo rashi. The silver paaya gives auspicious results. Firstly, there will be some troubles, then Saturn promotes benefits. Success is achieved by the work started in the past. Land, vehicles and family happiness are attained. Burn mustard oil deepak on the Peepal tree on Saturday night.

Libra : Now the Saturn is in the fourth house from Libra, iron paaya is formed. The mind is troubled. There is disharmony, discord, because Saturn's dhaaya is also starting on this rashi. In the evening on Saturday, burn mustard oil Deepak on the Peepal tree; donate white things. Some time will be beneficial in Saturn Dhaaya period.

Scorpio : Saturn is in the third house from Scorpio rashi, which gives benefit of land & vehicle. Saturn's saadhesati has gone and now you will get auspicious results. Stopped work will be completed soon. You will get Success in planned plans. There will be auspicious work at home. You should do Lord Hanuman Chalisa and donate things for Shani.

Sagittarius : Now the Saturn is in the second house from Sagittarius rashi, silver paaya is formed. The effect of Saturn's saadhesari will be two and a half years left. Due to this financial troubles and disturbance in the house will remain. Some subsistence money will continue to come, however, the land- house will be benefited by Guru Kripa. You should read Sundara Kand and burn deepak on Saturday night on Peepal tree.

Capricorn : The effect of Saturn on Capricorn rashi will be on the head, which will cause mental trouble because Saturn saadhesati is running for seven and a half years and Guru is also inferior on this rashi. You can get cheated by anyone, so please take care. You can donate yellow things and read Shani chalisa.

Aquarius : Expenditure is higher as Saturn is in the 12th house from Aquarius rashi. Income will be limited and do work carefully after thinking. There is a family problem. There is a tension in husband and wife. Expenditure will be more than Income. Iron paaya is formed, so body will suffer from diseases. chant Shani chalisa and donate things.

Pisces : now the Saturn is in the eleventh house with Pisces rashi, there will be concern for wife, child and vehicle etc. New work will be planned. You will get success in the past work. All desires will be fulfilled, but gold paaya is formed, so you will have to struggle for wealth and progress. Praise the Lord and burn Deepak on Saturday night on Peepal tree.

Remedy for peace of Saturn :
1 - Chant or chant Shani Mantra.
2 - Burning of mustard oil on the Peepal tree on Saturday night.
3 - Donate the eunuchs on Saturday.
4 - Worship Shiva.
5 - Donate Chhaya and Libra.

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