Saturn's Dhaiyya or Sadhesati

Saturn(Shani Dev) is the son of God Suryanarayana. His mother's name is Chhaya(Shadow) devi. The Saturn is the Dev of mayawad(material things). If Saturn is not here then materiality of the earth will be destroyed. In terms of astrology Saturn is revolutionary, powerful and considered as a terrible dev of several powers. People fear from his name itself. Saturn is the dev of justice. He has the title of judge in all planets. He gives justice according to the task a person did.

Saturn gives prosperity, kind to poor miserable people and save us from our enemies. He is the dev of Karma or business and is a source of life. He helps us in difficult situations and objections. That's why Saturn is remembered to get rid of problems and have money. In astrology, priest takes decision on joint and nerves as per the Saturn. There is no such place where effect of Saturn does not exist. We have to believe on Saturn(Shani Dev) only then we will have peace and wealth.

Although Saturn is the son of Suryanarayana; however he has enmity with his father. When father(Surya) and son(Saturn) sit together or in front of each other then power of Saturn increases. Surya Narayan is not good in Libra and Saturn is best in Libra. When the Surya is best in Aries then Saturn becomes weak in Aries. In such situation, the effect of Surya becomes opposite. Because we receive good or bad results due to increase power of Saturn, so we should do worship of Saturn and do charity.

Whenever Saturn comes as Dhaiyya or Sadhesati on any Rashi then we get bad effect. Due to this, cash-strapped in life, difficulties, body pain, problems come in income & all our work, expenditure will be high and Life becomes miserable. We have experienced this in our life. If Saturn moves in reverse order then its effect becomes much worse. At that time we lose our decision power, so we should keep patience.

What is Saturn Sadhesati. Saturn remains Two and a half years on a Rashi. Saturn effect is on next Rashi and on previous Rashi from the current Rashi on which he remains. Like, at this time Saturn(Shani Dev) is running on Sagittarius then his effect will be on next Rashi i.e. Capricorn and on previous Rashi i.e. Scorpio. His effect on Capricorn is initial and on Scorpio is descending. Thus the seven-year tour of Saturn is called the Sadhesati. In the same way, Saturn's Dhaiyya is on the sixth and tenth Rashi from the current Rashi. This time Saturn's Dhaiyya is running on Taurus and Virgo since October 25, 2017. Saturn's Sadhesati influence will be on Scorpio, Sagittarius and Capricorn.

Many times it is seen that Saturn's Sadhesati comes on every Rashi but his effect varies. The reason of this is that if Saturn is in good position in person horoscope then his bad effect is lesser. On the other side, if Saturn is weak in the horoscope then person get more bad results.

Saturn's influence on every Rashi is given below:

Aries: The effect of saturn on this rashi is on Ninth place which is the cause of disturbance and obstacle. There will be some problems in this year. Take care of your health. Livelihood income will be continuing. Please burn mustard oil Deepak on Peepal on Saturday. Happiness will remain.

Taurus: Saturn's Dhaiyya is running on this Rashi since October 25, 2017. Saturn is on eighth house from this Rashi & due to Saturn's Dhaiyya problems and expenditure will increase. Quarrel and tension in life will happen then reading of Saturn Chalisa will be good. Donate black goods on Saturday.

Gemini: This year will be good for Gemini Rashi person. But you have to face some trouble. Good opportunities will come due to grace of Jupiter planet. Do chanting of Guru Planet Mantra.

Cancer: Saturn is on sixth house from this Rashi, due to which there will be some tension with nearby friends/brothers and some expenses. But some benefit will come due to Jupiter planet grace. Do worship of Shiv ji.

Leo: Some benefits have been made by being in the fifth house of Saturn from Leo. Do as much as possible religious work. You have chances of success in your job. Good time for land, house and vehicle.

Virgo: Dhaiyya is running on this Rashi since October 25, 2017 which is not good. Loss of money, discord and misery, and more expenses will be created. Read Durga Chalisa and burn mustard oil Deepak on Peepal on Saturday.

Libra: Saturn is on third house from this Rashi due to which you will get money after struggles and hard work. Chances of promotion in your job. Any planned plan will also be completed.

Scorpio: There will be falling effect of Saturn Sadhesati on this Rashi. Trouble and hassle will come. Any auspicious work will be completed. Read Hanuman Chalisa.

Sagittarius: Saturn Sadhesati is running in middle on this Rashi. Take care of your health. Few problems will be coming in your work and job. There will be some improvement after 1 July 2018. Please burn mustard oil Deepak on Peepal on Saturday.

Capricorn: Saturn Sadhesati has begun on this Rashi. Saturn is on twelfth house from this Rashi due to which body discomfort and expenses will be high. There may be some stress in the house. Please burn mustard oil Deepak on Peepal on Saturday.

Aquarius: There will be progress and work gets completed due to Saturn's grace on this Rashi. Any effort that you make will be successful and money benefits. Still, you need to do some hard work for success. Donate black goods on Saturday.

Pisces: Saturn is on tenth house from this Rashi due to which you will be able to get money for your livelihood. The means of income will be formed. There will be some improvement after 1 July, 2018. There may be benefit of any land, house and happiness will come.

Remedy : For peace from Saturn's Sadhesati or Dhaiyya, please do Saturn's mantra chanting, read Sunderkand, burn Deepak of mustard oil on Saturday on Peepal tree and feed food to black dogs.

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