Sun is the king of all the planets in astrology. He is the factor of force and power. From this all variable-constant beings have life. There can be no creation without Sun. He is the soul of all beings. All creatures get consciousness and reputation from him. He is the form of God Vishnu. Lord Vishnu itself is keeping an eye on everything and everyone work in the form of Sun.

Sun represents Leo in nine planets. This Rashi people are self-respectful and have own effect over others. This Rashi people soon get angry and they like flattering.

God of the Sun: Shree Ram ji and Shree Lord Vishnu.
Sun is considered a sinful planet.
Sun remains one month on one Rashi.
Moon, Mars and Jupiter are friends of Sun.
Venus & Saturn are enemy of Sun and Mercury is even.
Sun is Satguni and his caste is Kshatriya.

Sun's element is fire and he is factor of soul.
Sun is brutal by nature and related with father in horoscope.
Sun is owner of Leo and Aries is the best Rashi while Libra is the weakest Rashi of his.

Sun effect is in the head and eye in the body. He is the owner of East. Ratan of Sun: You should wear ruby in gold in your index finger.

Sun Mantra: Om Hraam Hreem Hraum Sah Suryaay Namah ||
Number of chanting: 7000 spells
Chanting time: Sunrise
Donation of Sun: Ruby, copper, red sandalwood, ghee, good, sweet, gold, red clothing and fruits, saffron, etc.


Moon is very respectful in astrology. His father is Atri rishi and mother is Anasuya. Moon was married with 27 daughters of Daksha Prajapati. He removes our pain and sorrow. Therefore, he is also called kalaadhar. His sixteen arts provide all comforts to people. Lord Krishan was incarnation in this chandra family and considered a sixteen art Avatar. Sixteen arts of Chandra dev(shree krishan) are given below:

1 : Amrita 9 : Chandrika
2 : Pusha 10 : Kaanti
3 : Manda 11 : Jyotsna
4 : Pushti 12 : Shree
5 : Tushti 13 : Preeti
6 : Rati 14 : Angadaa
7 : Dhriti 15 : Purna
8 : Shashnee 16 : Purnamrita

Mantra of Veda: Om Sushumana Surya Rashmishachandrama Gandharva Stasya naa ||
Thus, Moon is the Rashmi of sun and after that he was born in Atri rishi ashram.
Our life is very much influenced by the moon. Per day predictions are written on the basis of Moon.

In nine planets Sun and Moon are the only planets which are the owner of one Rashi each. Due to this, Moon is the owner of Cancer. This gives an idea on kindness and modesty.

The Factor are: Parents, mood, physical verification, Raj Grace, property, physical disease, jaundice, irritation, cough disease, gynecology, mental illness, mind and eye. Blood pressure is also seen from this planet.

Due to Moon, a person can be sweet talking, white color, brilliant and like beautiful people.
God of the moon: Shiv Shankar
Mantra: Om Shraam Shreem Shraum Sah Chandramase Namah ||
Chanting Number: 11000 spells
Time: Evening
Donation: Rice, milk, curd, ghee, silver, white cloth, camphor, etc.


Mars planet is the symbol of power. He got post of army chief of Devata. The nature of Mars is agile and he quickly get angry(hot). His nature is extremely fractious. Due to this, manglik defect is considered in the marriage. Mars is fast and clever. People which are affected by this planet have strong body, agile, quick and very much excited.

Mars is considered a Punishment Officer. Reason of this is that he gives punishment to those people who do not consider religion. That's why this planet is called cruel. Well, if the Mars is in good position in our horoscope then he gives us power and strength. It is the god of force and body force (strength) is required for us. So, please do worship of Mars.

Mars represents blood pressure and body mass. If the defect is in blood then we should understand that Mars is weak in our horoscope. This should be strengthened.

God of Mars: Please do worship of Hanuman Ji to make Mars stronger.
Mantra: Om Kraam Kreem Kraum Sah bhaumaya Namah ||
Number chanting: 10,000 spells
Chanting time: sunrise.
Ratan for Mars: Wear coral in gold in ring finger on Tuesday.
Donation: Lentils, coral, copper, Base, sweet bread, fennel, jiggery, ghee, red clothing, red sandal etc.

Mars is the owner of Aries and Scorpio. The original Rashi is Aries.
Mars tour time: He remains for one and half month on one Rashi.
Mars properties: Tamogunee and caste is Kshatriya.
Mars best Rashi is Capricorn and weakest Rashi is Cancer. His color is red.


Mercury is the legitimate son of the Moon. Guru (Jupiter) gave him curse of being impotent. Mercury is impotent in all the planets. That's why, his noun is man impotent. This planet always remains with sun. He does not have any existence. Mercury increases power of that planet with which he remains. He is the owner of north direction.

Mercury is the owner of Gemini and Virgo. Virgo is the main Rashi of his. Mercury travels sometimes slow and sometimes fast. Mostly he remains for 3 weeks on one Rashi. Mercury represents the brain and its powers. Affected Mercury gives many troubles. Also imposes the head injury. So, please do worship of Mercury. Mars represents blood pressure and body mass. If the defect is in blood then we should understand that Mars is weak in our horoscope. This should be strengthened.

Mantra: Om Braam Breem Braum Sah Bhudhaaya Naham ||
God of Mercury: Please do worship of goddess Durga to make Mercury happy.
Number of chanting: 9,000 spells
Chanting time: Sunrise.
Ratan of Mercury: Wear emerald of Twenty five carat in gold in little finger on Wednesday.

Donation: Gold, emerald, butter, green vegetables, moong dal, green cloth, cow feed etc.
Property of Mercury: Rajoguni
Factor: Voice
Relationship: With Brothers and friends
Mercury's nature: Mixed
Nature: wind, bile and phlegm
Mercury's direction is north. Vision is on seventh Rashi.

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