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Whatever happens in our life that is due to the influence of planets time-to-time. Such as: - sorrow, pleasure, profit, loss, victory, defeat, fame, infamy, friendship, enmity etc. All happens due to planets. They explain our fate and tell about the condition of the person whether he will be happy or sad. That's why one person is happy while another person is sad in this universe.

In Astrology, there are 9 planets which are considered important like Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu. When these planets are strong in a person horoscope then he gets good results and if they are weak then he receives bad results. At the time the child is born, those planets affects the child at that time determines the nature, color and character. This is the reason one person obeys religion while another person does not respect his parents. Strong planets give good results and weak planets give bad results.

First of all we should know about 12 zodiac signs. Every Rashi has importance.

1 : Aries (Mesh): Male dominated, variable, indicator of fire's direction, furious nature, tells about limits and pride. The owner is Mars.

2 : Taurus (Vrisha): woman properties, stable, soft, indicator of south direction, good but selfish nature and capable of physical pleasures. The owner is Venus.

3 : Gemini (Mithuna): male qualities, dual nature, angry, verbose, factor of hands and shoulders. Owner of west direction. The owner of this Rashi is Mercury.

4 : Cancer (Karaka): This is variable rashi. Women properties, water nature, red white mixed character, ambitious, progressive, factor of kidney and stomach. The owner is moon.

5 : Leo (Sinha): This is stable Rashi. Agni element, angry nature, like sightseeing and factor of heart. The owner is Sun.

6 : Virgo (Kanya): This rashi is of dual nature like Gemini. Symbol of south direction. Earth element, factor of liver and stomach. The owner is Mercury.

7 : Libra (Tula): This is variable rashi. Air element, owner of west direction. Factor of intelligent people and secret organs are considered by this. The owner is Venus.

8 : Scorpio (Vrishchika): This is stable rashi. This rashi is arrogant, stubborn, proud, cruel and factor of secret organs of female. The owner is Mars.

9 : Sagittarius (Dhanu): This rashi is of dual-nature, cruel, agni element and owns east direction. The feet and legs are considered by this Rashi. The owner is Jupiter.

10 : Capricorn (Makara): This is variable Rashi. Talkative nature, land element, wishful, agile and owns south direction. Events are considered by this rashi. The owner is Saturn.

11 : Aquarius (Kumbha): This is stable rashi. Owns west direction, angry and factor of stomach. The owner is Saturn.

12 : Pisces (Meena): This is dual-nature rashi. Owns north direction, water element, mercy. Legs are considered by this rashi. The owner is Jupiter.

Now we're telling you about the 9 planets.

1 : Sun: Hot-tempered. Its direction is east. Agni element, red and yellow color. Male dominated and Kshatriya properties.

2 : Moon: This is gentle planet. Water element and color is white. Female dominated and Vaishya and Brahmin elements are present in it. Its direction is north-west.

3 : Mars: This is heroic, spirited warrior and bloody nature planet. Color is red. Agni element in it and male dominated. Kshatriya character and its direction is south.

4 : Mercury: This is clever and comedy planet. Both female and Impotent properties exist in it. Mercury does not old. It is always young. It is considered a symbol of the Prince. Land and air elements are present. Its color is green and owns north direction. Tradespeople properties.

5 : Jupiter: This is also male-dominated planet. The nature is silence and quiet. Kshatriya character and color is yellow. Agni and water both elements are present. Its direction is north-east.

6 : Venus: The nature is playful and artistic. Female properties and color is white. Land and air elements are present. The nature is like Vaishyas and Shudras. Its direction is south-east.

7 : Saturn: This is serious and wicked nature planet. Both impotent and male or female properties exist in this planet. Land and air elements are present. Its direction is south-west.

8 : Rahu: Its properties are like Saturn. Color is brown.

9 : Ketu: Its properties are like Mars. Color is dim and dusty.

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