In mythology Jupiter(Guru) is the son of sage Angira. Jupiter is the guru(master) of all devata. That's why Jupiter is the master of all. All people in the world respect him. His pleasure gives us happiness, prosperity, wealth, talent, fame, glory, money. He also gives good luck. For this reason, woman keeps fast of Jupiter for their good luck. If Jupiter in horoscope is placed in the Lagna then it is considered good. If Jupiter in woman's horoscope is good then it is considered a symbol of good luck.

In horoscope Jupiter is the factor of 2nd house(Money house). Strong Jupiter in horoscope gives happiness in the family. For this reason, we take decision about wealth, family and property from 2nd house.

Jupiter is the owner of Sagittarius and Pisces. His main Rashi is Sagittarius.
His strongest Rashi is Cancer and weakest Rashi is Capricorn.
Jupiter travels up to thirteen months on one Rashi.
Devata: Guru and Lord Vishnu

Mantra: Om Graam Greem Graum Sah Guruve Namah ||
Chant Number: 19,000 spells
Chant Time: Evening
Donation: Yellow corn, topaz, bronze ware, gold, salt, butter, yellow flower, yellow cloth, yellow fruits etc.

Ratan for Jupiter: Wear Topaz (yellow and white) in the index finger on Thursday Jupiter is Satoguni and his caste is Brahmin.
Jupiter is male gender and his element is sky.
He is the factor of knowledge and his relation is with children in the family.
Jupiter is good and if he travels in reverse direction then he is also considered good.
His nature is cough and metal is gold.
Body fat is considered by Jupiter. His direction is northeast and vision is on 5th, 7th and 9th house.


Venus is the son of sage Bhrigu in mythology. He is the guru of demons. Although he is from Brahmin caste, but due to persistence he became the guru of Demons. Venus is the symbol of love and beauty. Venus is strong in whose horoscope that person has a unique art through which others are attracted. Venus is shining in the sky and he has his own importance among other planets. Therefore, if he is set (goes down) then all auspicious work like marriage are stopped. This is the Venus's respect and influence.

His effect falls on all persons. He is known as owner of beauty and gives semen juice. Who protects the semen only that person is strong. That's why he is the Guru of king Bali. On the strength of his he became king of heaven. Venus gives beauty, semen and power. When Venus is weak then that person is considered as weak and powerless.

We should see this Venus position in the boy's horoscope during marriage. Due to Venus we get happiness, objects of desire and other things. He is the factor of seventh house in the horoscope. We should consider Venus's position along with owner of seventh house. Seventh house is the main house in horoscope. From seventh house luxury, wife and business are considered. What kind of husband or wife we will get and our business partner are considered from seventh house.

Venus is the owner of Taurus and Libra. Libra is the main Rashi of his.
Venus strongest Rashi is Pisces and weakest Rashi is Virgo. He remains up to one month on one Rashi.
Devata: Please do worship of Lakshmi Maa.
Mantra: Om Draam Dreem Draum Sah Shukraye Namah||
Chant Number: 16,000 spells
Time: Sunrise.
Donation: Rice, milk, ghee, diamond, white cloth, white sandalwood, silver, sugar, etc.
Venus has feminine noun and his element is water. His nature is good, owner of south-east direction and concerned with women.


Saturn(Shani Dev) is the son of God Suryanarayana. His mother's name is Chhaya(Shadow) devi. The Saturn is the Dev of mayawad(material things). If Saturn is not here then materiality of the earth will be destroyed. In terms of astrology Saturn is revolutionary, powerful and considered as a terrible dev of several powers. People fear from his name itself. Saturn is the dev of justice. He has the title of judge in all planets. He gives justice according to the task a person did.

Saturn gives prosperity, kind to poor miserable people and save us from our enemies. He is the dev of Karma or business and is a source of life. He helps us in difficult situations and objections. That's why Saturn is remembered to get rid of problems and have money. In astrology, priest takes decision on joint and nerves as per the Saturn. There is no such place where effect of Saturn does not exist. We have to believe on Saturn(Shani Dev) only then we will have peace and wealth.

Although Saturn comes in the category of cruel and sinful planet but his results is good as he does justice with all. So, we should make him happy.

Saturn sees third, seventh and tenth house from the current house and accordingly gives bad or good results to all.

What is Saturn Sadhesati. Saturn remains Two and a half years on a Rashi. Saturn effect is on next Rashi and on previous Rashi from the current Rashi on which he remains. Thus the seven-year tour of Saturn is called the Sadhesati. In the same way, Saturn's Dhaiyya is on the sixth and tenth Rashi from the current Rashi.

Saturn is the owner of Capricorn and Aquarius. However, his main Rashi is Aquarius. Saturn strongest Rashi is Libra and weakest Rashi is Aries. Saturn is powerful in the seventh house. Deveta: We should do worship of Bhairo ji and Hanuman Ji.

Mantra: Om Praam Preem Praum Sah Shanaye Namah||
Chant Number: 23,000 spells
Chanting time: Evening.
Donation: Sapphire, iron, black cloth, Tawa, mustard oil, sesame, Urad, etc. donate in Afternoon.
Saturn's factor: Conflict and nature becomes cruel.
Saturn's direction is west and caste is Shudra.
Saturn's color is blue-black and element is air. He is considered impotent woman.


Rahu's mother name was Sinhika the daughter of Daanvraj Hiranyakashipu. His father was Vipu the king of demons. A story comes in Shrimad Bhagvat that during Samudra Manthan God watered the Amrit that came out to Devetas, but Rahu understood that he will not get Amrit, so he sat in between Sun and Moon in Devetas. Moon was just behind the Rahu, so Amrit had to drink to Rahu. After that Shri Bhagwan cut his head from his sudrashan chakra. From that time, there are two forms of planet Rahu, upper part of the body becomes Rahu and lower part becomes Ketu. As Rahu-Ketu took Amrit so they become immortal. For this reason, they are also worshiped in nine planets. Rahu and Ketu are not free planet but they are shadow planet.

Rahu strongest Rashi is Gemini and weakest Rashi is Sagittarius. Same way, Sagittarius is the strongest Rashi of Ketu and Gemini is the weakest Rashi of Ketu.

Rahu's Factors: Parasol, corymb, phantom barrier, leprosy, low caste, Charmer, lying, incompetent woman relationship, animal, war speech, apostate, gambling, trafficking etc. Are the factor of Rahu. These defects come to be affected by Rahu.
Ketu's Factor: Porous textiles, cat's-eye, wisdom, grandfather, nerve-related, skin diseases, secret conspiracy, etc.

Mercury, Venus and Saturn are the friends of Rahu. Sun, Moon and Mars are considered enemy while Jupiter is even. Same way, Sun, Mars and Jupiter are friends of Ketu. Mercury, Venus and Saturn are even while Moon is enemy.

Rahu-Ketu travel time on one Rashi is 18 months.
Rahu-Ketu see fifth, seventh and Ninth house.
Rahu's Mahadasha is of 18 years and Ketu is of 7 years.
Please do worship of Bhairo ji and Durga Maa to make Rahu happy. To make Ketu happy please do worship of Ganesh ji.
Mantra of Rahu: Om Bhraam Bhreem Bhraum Sah Raahave Namah||
Mantra of Ketu: Om Satraam Satreem Satraum Sah Ketave Namah||
Chant number: Rahu 18,000 spells, Ketu 7,000 spells.
Time: Night
Donation of Rahu: Seven grains, onyx, glass, gold, black horse, copper container, oil, coconut, blankets, blue clothing. Donation of Ketu: Seven grains, iron, goat, coconut, oil, black clothing, blankets, etc. musk.

Rahu and Ketu both are Tamoguni. Their color is like smoke.
Rahu and Ketu give misery and suffering. Both have man noun.
Rahu's relation is with enemy and Ketu relation is with obstacle.
Both are cruel by nature. Body bone is considered from Rahu and skin from Ketu.

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